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habitat is a basic right for all people.  The Willamette River belongs to all of us, and should be
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"I am the wind, the fire, the earth, the water, the galaxies
above and below. I am the etheric -- aligned to nature, the
animal spirits, the ancient wisdom and the natural ways. I
am open to all the information those fields contain."

I do not know whether I was then a man
dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a
butterfly dreaming I am a man.
-Chuang Tzu
"going to be a butterfly"
Richard Buckminster Fuller

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but
rarely admit the changes it has gone through to
achieve that beauty."
Maya Angelou
"I am the wind, the fire, the earth, the water, the galaxies
above and below. I am the etheric -- aligned to nature, the
animal spirits, the ancient wisdom and the natural ways. I
am open to all the information those fields contain."


I provide sessions remotely by phone in a one-on-one
setting, and work with  individuals only. I have a Master's
Degree in counseling from Portland State University in
Portland, Oregon, and have been a spiritual healer most of
my adult life. I have decades of experience for helping
you through your unique unfoldment process.

Sessions are a combination of spiritual counseling,
intuitive insight, and direct energy healing. I will assist you
to transmute the energetic causes of a problem into divine
essence, and bring your spirit back into the body. Entity
attachments in the "pain body" are removed as an
essential and necessary part of the healing process, I work
with you to come home again AND TAKE CHARGE OF
YOUR BODY. Life goes better when you are grounded
and guided by the higher Self instead of the lower soul or

Most mental health professionals treat the personality as
the real person. The personality needs to be governed
consciously by the higher soul, or true self. Spiritual work
unfolds the real person, My spiritual/Metaphysical
counseling/aura healing methods are multifaceted and
tailored to each individual's needs and uniqueness.  
Lasting relief from the spiritual causes of suffering is the
goal of all sessions

I will not and cannot predict the future for you. My
spiritual sight is used solely to help others to find their
own answers, own soul purpose, and to make life
decisions through their reconnection to Self or Spirit. Each
person is born with the potential to get in touch with their
own vast storehouse of information, knowledge, and
creativity. I am a catalyst and spiritual mentor on this path
for you. I work through my and your connection to Self
(Intent and Knowingness)  and with your active
participation in the healing process. We are all creating our
futures from the present through what is contained as
energy patterns or thought-forms in our energy fields on
multiple levels.

You will be helped to harmonize the function of the seven
main layers of the aura, and to heal the chakras, on a
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Sessions
include purification of the astral and lower mental
bodies (pain body), as patterns of harmful energies are
transformed into the appropriate beneficial energies. All
healing happens through increased connection to your

All paths are honored as the Sacred is found in all of life's
events and circumstances -- both the extraordinary and
the ordinary, the painful and the joyful. This approach to
counseling works best for those who have an
awareness of, or interest in spirituality.,

The Self Is Not Limited
There Are No Boundaries of Separations of the Self  
Any boundaries or separations you experience are the result
of false beliefs  
You Make Your Own Reality   
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Tipi Village Rretreat
Those who fear the
darkness have no idea
what the Light can do.
~ Katasai Rakshasa
Golden yellow Tara

Golden Yellow Tara is
depicted most commonly as
the central figure in thangkas
of the twenty one Taras
(Atisha Lineage) as the
manifestation of blessing
power that increases not
only wisdom and
compassion but also
profoundly vital spiritual
courage, bridging relative
truth and absolute truth.

“Hail Tara swift and fearless
Whose eyes flash like
She born from a lotus in an
ocean of tears
Of Avalokiteshvara, Lord of
the Three Worlds.”

Yellow Tara
White Tara
Green Tara

"Humankind has not
woven the web of
life. We are but one
thread within it.  
Whatever we do to
the web, we do to
ourselves. All things
are bound together.
All things connect."  
Chief Seattle

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
Emotional, Mental Healing
by Phone
Portland, Oregon USA
Contact: (503)-928-7637 RATES
"We grow primarily through our
challenges, especially those
life-changing moments when we
begin to recognize aspects of
our nature that make us
different from the family and
culture in which we have been
~ Caroline Myss ~

How do you get back to
heaven? To begin with, just
notice the thoughts that take
you away from it.
You don't have to believe
everything your thoughts tell you

Just become familiar with the
particular thoughts you use
to deprive yourself of happiness.
It may seem strange at first to
get to know yourself in this way,
but becoming familiar with your
stressful thoughts
will show you the way home to
everything you need."

~ Byron Katie ~

"Cease trying to work
everything out with your
It will get you nowhere. Live
by intuition and inspiration
and let your whole life be

~ Eileen Caddy ~

"Do not assume that divine
guidance flows only when you
are in need of help. Guidance
continues to flow whether or
not you have problems.
It transcends problems,
heartbreaks, and traumas,
flowing through dreams and
Whether guidance comes
during times of tranquility or
trauma, however,
it is up to you to have the
courage to acknowledge it"
~ Caroline Myss ~

There is no Religion
Higher Than Truth -

Satyat Nasti Paro Dharma

Soul Retrieval
Knowledge  Understanding