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I have been a spiritual healer for thirty years, long before becoming a
counselor. As for my psychic abilities, I was born that way, and for
the longest time thought that everyone perceived reality in the same
way as I. Much of my time has been spent helping others to develop
their own natural psychic and healing abilities  including entity
depossession.  I believe we all teach what we need to learn, so I thank
my students .for the education!

I have a master's degree in counseling from Portland State University
in Portland, Oregon and am trained in hypnotherapy from the Milton
H. Erickson Institute in Portland, Oregon. It has been a blessing to
have spent much time with amazing and wisdom-filled people of many
different spiritual perspectives who have been my mentors and

I am very grateful for the experiences which have strengthened my  
faith and confidence in the healing power of divine love, acceptance,
and the power of Intention. Divine love is the essence, the greatest
power in the universe. I am a Theosophist with Buddhist, Gnostic,
Taoist leanings, and am a celebrant on the pathless path.

To me the whole universe is conscious and interrelated, and I know
that there is an intelligent order guiding the cyclical evolution of all life.
I believe that there is an ultimate reality containing two polar aspects
of matter and consciousness which interact. This interaction creates
uncountable universes in an endless cycle of manifestation and

My view supports the concept of an orderly scheme of evolution in
which life proceeds to more and more expressive form, awareness,
and unified consciousness. I conceive of death as a recurring incident
in eternal life. Our spirit or soul (human consciousness) is seen as
essentially identical with the one Supreme Reality. Each of us are one
with one another and the Supreme Reality which is everything.I
believe in limitless space, unconditional love and acceptance, and
psychic freedom.

I also believe the law of karma to mean that we all create our own
destiny. Karma gives us the opportunity to create our future as a result
of our actions in the present. I aspire to be able and free to respond to
Source in the moment, so as to create contexts for healing and
personal change. Solutions to all of our problems are found inwardly
through the Self, where miracles of healing spring forth from the
invisible to the manifest.



copyright 2006 Eliza Carroll