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Eliza Carroll has the capability
and extensive experience
necessary to release
entity attachments of all
description into the Divine Light.
Her knowledge and
abilities to help are a result of a
lifetime of study and personal
She does most of her work
through remote viewing.   
Through the application
of direct active will or Intent,
attaching/possessing entities are
enveloped in the
Divine Light, so that they cannot
return to cause harm to any life
forms. All
healing is done though the Higher
Self of the person she is working
with and
her own Higher Self (Spiritual
Eliza is inspired by esoteric Buddhist/Taoist philosophy, Theosophy, and
Hermetic studies, as well as mystical Christianity (Gnosticism).  She  has been
very honored to have known Native American teachers here in the Pacific
Northwest. To her, the entire universe is conscious and alive,  and she is able
to work with the forces of nature to effect healing and freedom from entity

She has a master's degree in counseling from Portland State University in
Portland, Oregon, and is trained in hypnotherapy from the Milton H. Erickson
Institute in Portland. She does not practice hypnotherapy, but does teach and
encourage auto-suggestion techniques and an understanding of the Law of

From Eliza About Spiritual Counseling.........

Spiritual counseling respects the uniqueness and the awesomeness of
everyone's experience and
allows  the soul glow and grow with or without a faith
tradition. My work is based upon the principle that each individual is a whole
person consisting of mind, feelings, emotions, body, and spirit. At the heart of
every human life there is a spiritual core, the soul, which seeks union, identity
or fusion with the Nameless, Supreme Reality, God.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual
beings having a human experience." Teilhard de Chardin [1881-1955]

It has been a blessing to have spent much time with amazing and
wisdom-filled people of many different spiritual perspectives who have been
my mentors and teachers. .

To me the whole universe is conscious and interrelated, and I know that there
is an intelligent order guiding the cyclical evolution of all life. I believe that
there is an ultimate reality containing two polar aspects of matter and
consciousness which interact. This interaction creates uncountable universes
in an endless cycle of manifestation and dissolution.

My view supports the concept of an orderly scheme of evolution in which life
proceeds to more and more expressive form, awareness, and unified
consciousness. I conceive of death as a recurring incident in eternal life. Our
spirit or soul (human consciousness) is seen as essentially identical with the
one Supreme Reality. Each of us are one with one another and the Supreme
Reality which is everything.I believe in limitless space, unconditional love and
acceptance, and psychic freedom.

I also believe the law of karma to mean that we all create our own destiny.
Karma gives us the opportunity to create our future as a result of our actions in
the present. I aspire to be able and free to respond to Source in the moment,
so as to create contexts for healing and personal change. Solutions to all of our
problems are found inwardly through the Self, where miracles of healing spring
forth from the invisible to the manifest.  

I respect truth found in all religions.