Eliza Carroll MS
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

What Is Spirit Attachment?

Spirit attachment, entity attachment or possession is the invasion of
one's body and mind by a disincarnate spirit, a lower astral entity
(astral personality fragment of a spirit that has passed on, or
demons), or by other negative energies.  

These entities interfere with a person's freedom of the mind, body
and spiritual sovereignty. They can interfere with your life by
being in the body, by hovering behind the body, or by being in
the personal environment. The desire of these spirits is to create
confusion, take control, spread violence, cause
emotional /physical pain and degradation and demeaning of

What Are the Signs of Attachment?

Entities and negative energies can have varying degrees of
influence over their host, ranging from a mild energy drain to
almost total possession (which is extremely rare). Common signs

  • Hearing voices

  • Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.--
    especially after surgery or a traumatic event

  • Sudden weight gain-especially after surgery or a traumatic
Fears and phobias

  • Sudden changes in behavior-such as increased anger,
    depression and thoughts of suicide

  • Serious illness of unknown cause

  • Loss of energy

  • Memory and concentration problems

  • Unexplained physical problems-such as pain from an
    undetermined cause

  • Migraine headaches

  • Night terrors and nightmares

  • Panic or anxiety attacks

  • Multiple personalities

What Are Entities and Negative Energies?

Earthbound spirits, lower astral entities (astral fragments of the
personality of the departed), and dark energy forces are the most
common types of possessing entities. The spirit is the part of us that
survives after death of the physical body. Sometimes spirits just
don't know what to do when their physical body dies, so they stay
in the earth plane and can attach to living people, or remain in a
specific place (thus a haunting spirit or ghost). Dark energy forces
can be termed demons. They have never been alive in their own
physical bodies, and are usually on a mission to destroy. Curses,
psychic attacks and negative thought forms are negative energies
generated by living people.

How Do They Get In?

In order for entities to attach to a human, that person must be
vulnerable in some way. An earthbound spirit may attach while the
human is unconscious for any reason-be it trauma, anesthesia in
surgery, a blow to the head, drunkenness, etc. Severe stress,
exhaustion, grief, extreme anger, fear, or guilt can also open a
person for attachment. Without proper protection, such things as
channeling, mediumship, and automatic writing are open invitations
for possession, as is being present at a seance, or using an Ouija
board. Childhood abuse, rape, or incest can allow entities to attach.
Sometimes, after the death of a loved one a person can
unknowingly invite attachment of that loved one with thoughts such
as "don't leave me. I don't want to let you go." Once an entity gains
entry, a "hole" in the aura is in effect present, which allows for
more attachments.

Hospitals, cemeteries, and funeral homes are common places to
pick up entities. Spirits tend to sometimes hang around the place
where their bodies died, or hang around the body itself. The theory
of "like attracts like" also applies. Negative energies such as
psychic attacks and curses are generated by other living people.
Negative thought forms which we ourselves generate (such as fear,
anger, jealousy and anxiety) can invite in and "feed" psychic
attacks and curses.A form of spiritual healing known as Spirit
Releasement is employed to clear a person of attachments and
negative energies.

What Is Spirit Releasement/Exorcism?

Spirit Releasement, also known as depossession, is the process of
releasing entities from living people. This can be done remotely
(from a distance), or in person. Remote exorcism can be done
without the conscious knowledge of the person on whom we are
working, but permission is always requested from that person's
higher self before the procedure is undertaken.

In the Releasement /exorcism process,  darkness is transformed
into the golden light of the sun (inner alchemy) and entities, spirits,
and other energies are  released to their appropriate place in the
Divine Light.

In cases of earthbound spirit attachment, the entity is simply made
aware of its situation and lovingly guided into the Light, usually
into the care of a loved one who comes to help in the transition.

Curses and negative energies are removed by severing connections
and transforming the energies from detrimental to beneficial.

Does This Really Help People?

Releasement has been very beneficial to many people, but it is not
a cure-all. Once the entities are released, the problems that they
had been causing tend to clear up quickly. The degree of
improvement also depends on how much influence the entities have
had on the host. Sometimes entities are released and the changes
are so subtle that the person may notice no changes at all. This is
simply because of the nature of the attachment.  Unfortunately,
Spirit Releasement is usually used as a last resort. We feel that
releasing these entities can be quite effective before one spends a
great deal of time on lengthy traditional therapy. Spirit releasement
presents no threat of danger or ill effects to a person. However, a
person may sometimes feel tired for a day or so after the release
has been accomplished.

What About Places That Are Haunted by Spirits or Negative

Spirits usually have a reason for haunting specific places; for
instance: sudden death, or death from violent or traumatic causes.
They may have "unfinished business" or "a score to settle." They
may be unwilling to give up their physical possessions. They may
be confused or not realize they are physically dead. These spirits
can also be released by remote means.

Negative energies may inhabit places for many different reasons.
Places where violence or traumatic deaths have occurred may
retain the overall energy of those happenings--battlefields, for
instance. Homes where people constantly fight or argue with each
other may retain the negativity of those actions.

An example of positive yet solemn energy clinging to a place is
The Wall memorial to VietNam war casualties.This energy has
been created by visitors to the memorial paying homage to their
fallen comrades and loved ones.

Anger - Jealousy - Fear - Guilt

These are just a few examples of negative energies generated for
various reasons. Negative thoughts take many forms and affect
people in many different ways. Here is a small sampling of the
kinds of negativity that can be cleared by a Releasement:

Accidental childhood "programming" by an authority figure, such
as "You're stupid. You'll never learn anything." "You're just a wild
animal." "You're an absolute klutz." "Can't you do anything right?"

Psychic attack by another person (you may not even be aware of
their feelings toward you): Another person's anger, jealousy or
other negativity toward you may be strong enough to constitute a
psychic attack on you. Conversely, your negativity toward others
may psychically attack them, even without your conscious intent to

Curses--an extreme form of psychic attack. People who practice the
black arts sometimes perform certain rituals to initiate curses.

Environments--places and objects--can harbor or hold residual
vibrations from past negative actions associated with them--for
instance, battlefields or disaster sites such as airline crashes.

Relationships that have ended unhappily or unpleasantly may leave
negative "strings" attached. Negative "bonds" are extremely
"Those who fear the
darkness have no idea
what the Light can do."
~ Katasai Rakshasa
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