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Eliza Carroll MS

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'Aina Me Kalani
Summertime Fare

After a very busy spring, we are taking it easy this summer.  We have a Weekend
with Papa K scheduled for the end of June and a week Hula and Chant Intensive
with Kumu Hula Raylene Kawaiae'a in August.  Both of these classes are filling up
so please do not hesitate to register if you are interested.

One of our goals this year was to bring different healing techniques into Hawaii.  
We have accomplished that with our workshops this month in EFT ( Emotional
Freedom Techniques) and Remapp classes taught by Robin Yoshida.  These
classes, incorporating some of the latest research in the area of energy
psychology, were so well attended and appreciated that Robin is planning on
coming back to Hawaii in the next few months to bring these classes to other
islands.  We will keep you informed of those dates, once we schedule them.

Our schedule is in constant flow and you will notice a few changes from the
website information.  We will have it all coordinated in the next weeks.

Lomi Lomi Weekend with Papa K

This three day workshop in the basics of lomi lomi will be taught by Papa K
Kepilino, trained from the age of 6 in lomi lomi. He was also taught the Breath of
Ha by his grandfather. This is a traditional healing method used to mend the body
and heal from long distances. This class will include basic instruction in the lima
maka "seeing fingers," technique of lomi lomi, basic la'au lapa'au (medicinal
plants) with lomi alignment techniques, and healing with the Breath of Ha. This is a
very gentle and intuitive form of lomi lomi.
June 27-29

For more information about this retreat

Hula and Chant Intensive with Kumu Hula Raylene Kawaiae'a

These seven days in Hawaii will give you an opportunity to experience the spiritual
aspects that are the foundation of hula and chant as well as learn the basics. This
is a rare opportunity to spend time with one of the most respected kumu hula of
Big Island. Kumu Hula Kawaiae'a has the ability to take you into the depths of your
own soul through these experiences.
August 20-26
Big Island

For more information about this retreat

Lomi Lomi Workshop with Aunty Maile Napoleon

Aunty Maile Napoleon, known for not only her wonderful lomi lomi but for her
beautiful leis as well, is offereing a lomi lomi workshop at her home May 29-June
2.  If you would like more information about this class please call Aunty Maile
directly at 808 887 2675.   

Women in Paradise Retreat

We will begin our fall schedule with our first retreat dedicated to women. Hawaii,
filled with the strong feminine energy of Pele, is a perfect setting for this retreat that
weaves the values and spirit of Hawaii into your own spirit. Through time spent with
the kupuna (elders), excursions to places of extraordinary beauty, time for activity
and reflection, this retreat will be a very special opportunity for you to learn more
about this deeply spiritual culture and yourself. It will be facilatated by Rebecca
Avery, LCSW, director of 'Aina Me Kalani.
Date: September 18-24

For more information about this retreat

Ho'oponopono Retreats

These changes have not been made on the website yet.  They should be on the
website with additional information in the next few weeks.
Hawaiian Culture and Spirituality Retreat with Aunty Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry
and Kumu Hula Raylene Kawaiae'a will be held October 29-November 4.  This is a
new date for this workshop, however the information regarding this retreat is
correct on the website. There will be more information about this retreat in the next
Kumu Hula Raylene Kawaiae'a will facilitate a Ho'oponopono Intensive November
12-18.   This retreat, focusing on ho'oponopono, as a healing practice that realigns
God, Man/Woman and Nature will help facilitate the use of ho'oponopono in each
participants own spiritual practice.  There will be more information about this new
retreat offering in the next newsletter.

Schedule 2008

June 27-29        Lomi lomi Weekend with Papa K
no classes scheduled at this time
August 20-26      Hula and Chant Intensive
               Kumu Hula Raylene Kawaiae'a
September 18-24  Women in Paradise: Retreat for Women
Oct 29-Nov 4      Hawaiian Culture and Spirituality Retreat
               Aunty Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry and
               Kumu Hula Raylene Kawaiae'a
November 12-18   Ho'oponopono Intensive
               Kumu Hula Raylene Kawaiae'a
December 5-7      Lomi Lomi Weekend with Papa K

We are working on dates for several other workshops and retreats. As soon as
these dates are settled they will appear on the website. Please check the website
for more information.

'Aina Me Kalani
PO Box 7616
Hilo, HI 96720
email: contact@healinginpardise.org
phone:808 959 2258