By Harry Van Gelder

What is the Self? Can we divide it
Into body, personality, soul, spirit?
The Self is a totality, so cannot be divided.
It cannot be described or defined.

It is. Unchanged as itself it functions
Through all the fields in which it manifests.
There are two functions, one abstract, formless,
The other pertains to the personality and body.

The first function is knowledge, cognition.
All objective expressions are here as potentials.
Only experience can stimulate them into activity;
The experience we gain in the objective.

The purpose of life is the expression of the totality,
Through knowledge in the objective, completely.
How can we divide the one from the other?
It is there, all we have to do is to open the door.

The door is the barrier created by fields,
By ourselves as personalities.
When we identify with the objective
As being ourselves, we created the barrier,
The door which we have to learn to open
To ourselves, not by division, but by
Integration, by realization
That we are the whole, and opening up
The parts to the whole is the way
The only way.

*  *  *  

There is a Light that casts no shadow;
There is a Sound that no ears can hear;
There is a Vision that no eyes can perceive;
There is an Energy that requires no production.

May this Light shine on you,
and illuminate that which always is..
May this Sound pervade you,
And open you to That which
Lies within you, and beyond you.
May this arouse the Vision
Of That which always is
And create within and around you
The Bliss of the eternity,
And thus the Energy can flow
Which will always enliven you.

Harry Van Gelder is the author of two books:

Inner Peace Through The Process of Knowing:
Essays in Metapsychology,
1985, and The Process of Healing, 1989. Van
Gelder . Merry Land West,
Australia: H. Robert Martin Outsound Publishing.

Eliza Carroll MS
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor