Eliza Carroll MS
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
Harry Van Gelder


"Inner Peace Through The Process of
Essays in Metapsychology"

Let Beauty shine in your mind,
And Love radiate in your heart,
Then there is no room for doubt,
Or the petty worries of uncertainty,
Or the question of being something or nothing.
For love is the great Equalizer,
The potential solution of the Universal Equation.
Beauty is the divine Concept and idea,
From which all proceeds to its Becoming . . .

Man, a factor of the Universal Equation,
Is his own individual solution to Becoming.
From diversity to the one immutable Unity
Man is the origin and the manifestation
of the Divine idea. This is the great Secret.

As long as man is unaware of himself,
He struggles, fights, and binds himself
closer to the Manifest; his own nature, the Unmanifest
Is masked, he thinks of himself as the Manifest.
Thus he begins the cycle of Necessity,
Ever moving in spirals for that which is lost,
Because he has forgotten that it is there always,
And searches for it outside himself.
Why does he search outside? Because he thinks
That reality is objective and can be sensed.

The reality is neither inside nor outside,
It is One only. Yet he who searches within
Ceases to struggle, ceases to fight, for that
Which is within will come forth and show itself,
Not as form, not as sound, not as shadow, not
As light, not as darkness, but as itself, ever
Unknown, invisible, but radiating. The One
Beyond comprehension of mortal mind,
Yet ever present in the heart and being of Man.

Cease then to create images, or to live in the images
Of others. Cease then to compare, for how can one
Compare Beauty without form, how can one compare
Love which is life, which is One?

Man and woman are but the expressions of the One.
Love is the nature of things and so are its expressions.
All manifestations of the One are in the process of Becoming
The One. Love and Beauty, the immortal twins, which
Relate man to his own divinity, are always . . .
No matter how we may endeavour to hide them in our search.

* * *
How do you relate?
By touch, by taste.
By hearing, by smell,
By sight, by movement?

How do you relate?
By thought, by feeling,
By analysis, by comparison,
By subjective, by objective outlook?

What is relating?
From one to another, Or from one to one,
Or more, what do you relate with?

By opening yourself up
To yourself, by eliminating
Subject and object,
By opening yourself
Up to another, not
As subject, object,
But one to one
Becoming One.

Harry Van Gelder is the author of two books:

Inner Peace Through The Process of Knowing: Essays in
1985, and The Process of Healing, 1989. Van Gelder . Merry
Land West,
Australia: H. Robert Martin Outsound Publishing.
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