Eliza Carroll MS
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor/Aura Healer

This Light in Oneself

A new consciousness and a totally new morality are necessary
to bring about a radical change in the present culture and
social structure. This is obvious, yet the Left and the Right and
the revolutionary seem to disregard it. Any dogma, any
formula, any ideology is part of the old consciousness; they
are the fabrications of thought whose activity is fragmentation
- the Left, the Right, the centre. This activity will inevitably
lead to bloodshed of the Right or of the Left or to
totalitarianism. This is what is going on around us. One sees
the necessity of social, economic, and moral change, but the
response is from the old consciousness, thought being the
principal actor. The mess, the confusion, and the misery that
human beings have got into are within the area of the old
consciousness, and without changing that profoundly, every
human activity - political,economic or religious - will only
bring us to the destruction of each other and of the earth. This
is so obvious to the sane.

J. Krishnamurti
"This Light in Oneself"
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