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Theosophical Society in America
The Theosophical Society is a nonsectarian, undogmatic, worldwide organization
devoted to human solidarity, cultural understanding, and self-development. It seeks
to bring people together; to reconcile the religions, philosophies, and sciences of
both East and West; and to increase awareness of the inner reality inherent in every
human being.

Theosophical Society in Australia

Native American Spirituality
Water of Life, Native Creations
Lisa Brown
(541) 444-1290
P.O. Box 586 - Siletz, OR 97380
Siletz, OR  (central coast)

Welcome to Alpheus, a web site dedicated to the esoteric interpretation of history,
primarily through the prism of Theosophy. Read here more about Alpheus.
Alpheus was started to present some research on Krishnamurti and the theosophical

Esoteric World Service Groups

The Sword of Michael, Archangel of Movement,
Instrument in God's Hands
A different view on evolution. Our DNA imprint is based upon the result of our karma.

Lightkeeper Wisdom Group
People desiring spiritual unity coming together in harmonious accord to celebrate our
unique purpose and share our gifts with others in a communal setting.

Buddhism & meditation
Buddhist studies and meditation books for the happiness of
all sentient beings

Where the fusion of new thinking and spiritual growth begins.

Life Positive
Your guide to holistic living.

The World Peace Prayer Society
This organization is dedicated to spreading the message and prayer of May Peace
Prevail on Earth all over the world.

Krishnamurti Foundation of America
with a mission is to preserve and disseminate the teachings of Krishnamurti.

A Spiritual, Metaphysical, Holistic Publication
On-line & Hard Copy Publication presents concepts for conscious living - spiritual
growth. Uplifting features, interviews, health, astrology, reviews, more...


Spirituality and Brahm Mantra
Brahm Mantra AUM HRIM RAMA JAYA RAMA JAYA JAYA RAMA is a spiritual mantra.
One can feel the spiritual highness with the meditation of Brahm Mantra. The
constant, round the clock recitation of Brahm Mantra works as a spiritual dynamo.  

The Gnostic Society Library
A vast collection of primary documents relating to the Gnostic tradition as well as a
selection of in-depth audio lectures and outlines to orient study of the documents
and their religious tradition.

Northwest Dharma Association

Multicultural Calendar
Lists Holy Days and Cultural Festivals of the 12 major religions around the world:
Aboriginal Peoples, Baha’i, Buddhism, Christian, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism,
Shinto, Sikhism, Wicca and Zoroastrian.

Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan
In a very real sense one can consider Tai Chi Chuan to be a physical expression and
manifestation of the principles and philosophy of Taoism.   

Taoism Information Page
Established by J. Patrick Narkinsky and currently maintained by Gene R. Thursby,
provides English-language resources for study of Taoist texts.

Taoism Initiation Page - Online Resources for Home Study and Practice...
Provides online teachings about Taoism, and related topics like yin-yang, wu, wu-wei,
ziran, including I-ching"

Taoism, Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching, Zen Buddhism
Words & Images of Taoism inspired by Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching

Welcome to Taoism.net...
True Tao Home Page...

Universal Tao
Welcome to Universal Tao Center Website From Master Mantak Chia Founder of
Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, International Healing Tao, Universal Tao System and
Universal Tao Master School

Gnostic Gospels: From Jesus to Christ
The story of the storytellers, where the Gospels originated from and who were the
Gnostics in history.

Gnostic Mysteries
This online thesis provides a remarkable example of religious synchronicity, where
two diverse spiritual traditions Gnostic and Sant--posit very similar ideas about
salvation and the nature of God.

Kabbalah Wisdom
Lessons and information along with forums in 11 major languages, this wisdom
teaches a practical method to comprehend the worlds to come while still living in this

The International Order of Gnostic Templars
A Division of the Scottish Knight Templars

Joseph Campbell Foundation

David Suzuki Foundation

Insight Meditation Society

Rosicrucian Fellowship
An International Association of Christian Mystics dedicated to preaching the Gospel
and healing the sick.

Rudolph Steiner Arhives
Founder of anthroposophy, which embraces a spiritual view of the human being and
the cosmos, but its emphasis is on knowing, not faith. It is a path in which the human
heart and hand, and especially our capacity for thinking, are essential.

Sufis see themselves to be on a spiritual journey toward God. There is a momentum,
a continuous attraction on their hearts exerted by God, pulling them, in love, towards

Sufism: International Association
Sufism: International Association is a non-profit organization affiliated with the United
Nations and designed to promote peace and knowledge in the spirit of ancient

Sufism: The Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order of America
Sufism is known as the Way of the Heart, the Way of the Pure. The mission is to
spread the Sufi teachings of the brotherhood of mankind and the Unity of belief in
God that is present in all religions and spiritual

Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance
Forgiveness Day is celebrated the every year, and we are a resource for leaning
how to forgive. We honor Heroes of Forgiveness, and the power of forgiving, and
hope to effect World change though learning to forgive.

the philosophy and writings of the late professor and dean of the American Academy
of Asian Studies in San Francisco, considered one of the foremost interpreters of
Eastern philosophies for the West

Declaration for All Life on Earth
We, as individual human beings, must cultivate the awareness that we are all
members of a global community of life and that we share a common mission and
responsibility for the future of our planet.

Zoroastrian-Biblical Connections
Another aspect of the world.....to promote a multidisciplinary view of the religious,
spiritual and esoteric phenomena.
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Many religions and god is only one. When having hope and praying, we change our karma. Guidance and help to those who need to change their karma, in health, in a family, in a business, and to change the bioenergy of the person.