Eliza Carroll MS
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

"The Secret of Light" by Walter Russell

University of Science and Philosophy
Formerly the Walter Russell Foundation
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980


"I am the One Whole, the ALL.

"Glorify thou Me, the One Whom I am, for I am ALL, and no other is.

"I, the sexless One, am Unity.

"What I am thou art, for thou art Me; thou art the Whole."

"Glorify thou thy Self, for in so doing thou art glorifying Me."

"I, the One, Whole, am knowing Mind. I exist to think. All thinking is Light of My knowing
but My thinking is not Me."

"I am Creator, creating with My thinking."

"Out of My Light of knowing are My two lights of thinking born as sexed pairs of opposites
for repetition as sexed pairs of opposites."

"To think is to create. I create with Light. Nothing is which is not Light."

"I think idea. Light registereth My idea in the two sexed lights of My thinking, and form is
born in the image of My thinking."

"Form hath no existence, nor have My imaginings. These exist not, for they are not Me. I
alone existeth; I, the ALL."

"I create my imaged body with the inbreathing of My pulsing universe of Me."

"My universe is My image; but My image is not Me."

"All things are My image, but they are not Me e'en though I am in them and they in Me."

~ From The Message of the Divine Iliad ~
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