During profound stress, pain or other trauma, human beings
often experience what is called "soul loss"--meaning, the loss of
aspects of one's soul. Such events as loss of a loved one,
automobile accident, surgery, addiction, combat trauma, abortion
or miscarriage, and physical abuse are the prime causes.

When a soul is fragmented one may no longer remember the
details of the traumatic incidents that caused the fragmentation.
The "lost" soul aspect effectively has taken those memories with
it. When a soul part leaves, it may also take with it a measure of
one's vitality. The more severe the trauma, the more life force is

People who have lost soul aspects may suffer chronic illnesses in
childhood as a result of this reduced life force. One example of
soul fragmenting occurs because of childhood sexual abuse.
Here, parts of the soul literally leave because the event is too

If the soul fragmentation is severe enough, such illnesses as
schizophrenia may occur. Because the integrity of the parts to
the whole is broken down, recovery is seen as an impossibility.
Further, the will may become vulnerable to negative entity

Having fragments remain "unincorporated" between lifetimes
affects karma because issues encapsulated in the consciousness
of those fragments remain unresolved. In addition, if we remain
unconscious of our other multi-incarnational lives, we bring them
with us to our "next" incarnation, hopefully to awaken us to the
reality that they're "out there."

Eliza Carroll MS
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor/Aura Healer
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