Yellow Tara
Abundance, Generosity, Fulfillment

The Yellow Tara, or Vasudhara, offers to all beings the gift of wealth and
abundance, symbolized by her opulent throne and ornamentation. This six-armed
goddess offers you the gifts of wealth, abundance and prosperity. Her lower right
hand makes the gesture of giving, while holding in other hands, jewels and grain. On
her lap she holds a vase containing the elixir of immortality. Yellow Tara helps us
relax and trust in the sure abundance of both the physical and spiritual worlds. Set
flowers and other offerings before her image.

Suggested Meditation for abundance and fulfillment:

Relax your body and allow your mind to clear. Breathe slowly and deeply. Visualize
the image of Yellow Tara. Imagine a beautiful yellow light coming out of Tara’s heart
and flowing like ribbons into yours. Let yourself be filled with this light as you open to
receive the abundance of the universe. Repeat 108 times (you can use a bead mala)
the mantra: “Om tare tuttare ture pushtim kuru Om!”
Copyright 2006 Eliza Carroll